Level Design: Unity Maze – 2016

The above video is a full playthrough of the final level.

As part of a module focusing on level design, we were required to build a maze game using the Unity engine.

My initial ideas for the project revolved around the notion of the experience being very narrative-driven, and having the player in direct conflict with the narrator in order to drive it forward. This latter premise was inspired by similar situations in Portal and The Stanley Parable.

Unity Level Screenshot 1The character of the narrator is effectively the designer of the game. The player continually frustrates them by refusing to interact with the ‘game’ they have built in the way that they predict, and instead insist on exploring the ‘behind-the-scenes’ area of the level that makes up the main body of the maze.

Unity Level Screenshot 2In order to ensure that the player was not left to wander empty, boring corridors, a number of environmental jokes were placed at otherwise dead-ends. Not only would this provide a source of entertainment, but it would also reward them for exploring their environment.

Door Joke

Even though the intention of a maze is for the player to get lost, such a situation could cause unnecessary frustration that would cause them to be less inclined to continue playing the game. To work around this, I used a different colour of wall to indicate the correct path through the maze to ensure that they would not end up wandering down virtually identical corridors with no idea how to proceed.

Correct RouteAll of the assets have been sourced from the Unity Store. A number have been modified by me to better suit the level, such as the pictures in the frames in the first level, and the covers of the books throughout the level.

Below is an example of the planning behind the level.

Unity Level Neat 01

Unity Level Neat 02


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