Level Design: Unreal Maze – 2016

The above video is a complete playthrough of the level.

As part of a module on level design, we were required to build a maze in Unreal Engine.

Fountain ViewMy main focus for the level was to somehow conveying the history of the location simply through the placement of assets. I wished to show that it was an ancient ruin slowly being reclaimed by nature, as well as the fact that previous attempts at exploring it had been made in the much more recent past. In order to do this, I had trees and foliage sprouting from cracked floor tiles, and wooden walkways bridging between crumbled stonework to indicate shabby attempts at temporary repair work.

Wooden Bridge ViewI used a number of techniques in order to guide the player through the level. For example, the end objective is marked by a statue holding a flaming torch. This statue acts almost as a landmark, as it is immediately at the centre of the player’s view when they spawn in, and can be seen from numerous points within the level in order to allow them to judge their position in the level using it.

View PointAs well as this, the keys that the player is required to pick up are drawn to their attention using sparkling particle effects. These are somewhat out of place with the rest of the environment, which – along with the face movement draws the eye – helps mark them as an item of importance, and stand out from the rest of the level furniture.

Final ShotAll of the assets – apart from the keys – are available through the UE4 Marketplace for free.


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