Games Jam: Piratey – 2016

Piratey was built for Brains Eden by a team of five students from the University of Gloucestershire. The games jam lasted for three days, and saw 33 international student teams competing against one another by building games based on the theme of ‘parity’.

Title ScreenWithin the first hour of the jam, each team member quickly put together a games pitch, and then presented their idea to the rest of the team for further consideration. It was decided that my idea, Piratey, would be the one that would be developed into a working product. The basic premise of it was prevent an unstable ship from capsizing by flicking sailors across the deck to counterbalance the wind and/or sea monster that was causing it to tip.

Calm WatersMy roles within the team during the development stage were concept artist, texture artist, and animator. I produced the textures for the two pirate characters, along with numerous face textures for both to allow for animation, along with the sea, clouds, and ship. In addition to this, I also animated the tentacles that attack the ship, and drew up initial ideas of the pirate characters for the 3D artist to work from.

Below is a more detailed look at the pirate characters.

Cabin Boy

Pirate CaptainThe game was built in Unity, and can be played on an Android tablet with touch control.


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