Games Jam: Fucha Libre! – 2015


Fucha Libre! was built over a two day period (4th to 5th June) by a team of three people for the University of Gloucestershire’s “Games Jam 2015”. The theme was ‘a futuristic sports event’.

The game is a side-scrolling 2D fighter that allows for local 1v1 fights.

We competed against four other teams, and went on to win the event.

Fucha Libre

The game was created using Unity 5 and Adobe Photoshop CC. The team consisted of two artists and a programmer.

My responsibilities were:

  • character sprite sheets
  • quality assurance


The majority of my time was spent creating two characters’ sprite sheets using Adobe Photoshop. The first, Sucka Punch, made it into the game, whilst the second, Tangerine Dream, was excluded due to the timeframe we had in which to implement them.

For much of the games jam I was learning on the job, as I had no prior experience with pixel art nor how 2D sprites worked in Unity. However, I took it in my stride, and embraced it as a challenge to overcome rather a limitation.

Fucha Libre 02

Quality Assurance

We finished the game with enough time to spare to ensure that it played how it was intended to, and that there were no obvious exploits that could be taken advantage of.

I worked closely with the programmer during this stage of development, and found a particular move combination that was extremely difficult to counter. It was rectified to ensure that players who discovered it did not have an unfair advantage.

Fucha Libre 03


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