Digital Art: Fright Night Character Sheets – 2016

Base Knight Character Sheet v2

Fright Night is the working title of a group animation. It is currently a work in progress being produced by a team of four Computer Games Design students.

We, as a team, decided to go for a very stylised aesthetic inspired by Clash Of Clans. Once this was established, I then researched medieval armour for a clearer idea of how it would work in the style, and proceeded to produce a series of character sheets for the knights. I further altered them to reflect feedback from the team.

The 3D modeller will use these pieces as references when creating the characters in 3ds Max.


Big Knight Character Sheet v2

Medium Knight v2

As well as the knights, I also created the concept art for their opponents, the undead skeleton army. These designs are considerably more simplified than the average human skeleton to ensure they were in keeping with the project’s overall style.

Base Skeleton Character Sheet v2

Necromancer Character Sheet v2


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