Animation Showreel – 2016

The above video has been put together with the purpose of showcasing my best animation work from the past year.

It is also intended to communicate the range of animation that I can achieve. I have worked on animations that were produced as assets for games, and also ones that are for purely cinematic purposes.

All of these animations were produced in 3ds Max.

The entire Fright Knight Short is available here. It was produced to answer a second semester group brief. My character designs for the knights and skeletons are also available here.

The undead run cycle was a single animation from a whole set that I produced for a group’s final year game. The idea was that the enemy would, at first, behave cautiously towards the player, and become more aggressive as the player progressed. All the animations can be viewed here.

Both the lip sync and dance animations were part of a showreel I produced as part of a first semester project. It can be seen here.


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