Deep Time: Terrain Models

The University of Gloucestershire’s School of Computing and Technology has an annual exhibition of students’ work. For COMX17, the research students had our own stand where we showcased a number of the projects that we had been involved in. With Deep Time, Connor and I produced a short video that showed some of the work that went on behind-the-scenes, and a few final renders of project assets.

Clay Render
Clay and textured renders for Avon Group environment.

Rather than show the Unity scenes, I chose to showcase the Deep Time environments by exporting a couple of the terrains as meshes, and texturing them in Substance Painter 2. These were then rendered out in 3ds Max to be included in the video.

Terrain Render
Clay and textured renders for Martley Quartize environment.

The fully textured meshes look far more natural than what was achieved using the terrain painting tools in Unity. For this reason, I am tempted to do the same for all the briefs, and then use the mesh in-engine rather than a terrain asset, proving that it is efficient enough for a mobile project to handle.


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