VR Crime Scene

Last year’s School of Computing research students worked on a number of projects with the University of Gloucestershire’s psychology department. One of these is a virtual reality crime scene, which is intended to provide criminology students with experience of a crime scene. The current research team was brought on to see the project to completion.


For the most part, I worked as a texture artist on the project. I used Substance Painter to fabricate the kitchen furnishings, and a variety of appropriate Photoshop brushes to create the blood splatters and footprints. As part of this role, I also used a simple decal system in Unity in order to strategically position the blood work around the scene in an effort to include some environmental storytelling. For example, the bloody knife beside the sink ought to indicate that the murderer attempted to clean the weapon before fleeing the scene.


So far in my research placement, this has been one of the more rewarding projects to work on. Despite the tight deadline, the team was able to produce a quality product that met all of the clients expectations. In addition to this, it was incredibly beneficial to have the clients sit down with us to fine tune a number of elements with the scene, as it ensured both parties were completely happy with the final product. This was definitely a very valuable learning experience.



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